Bug when moving doc with replica in group x to group t

DT 2.3.2 shows following wrong behavior:

first i create a replica entry of a document existing in my incoming folder/group into another folder/group x. Next step is moving the document itself to its destination folder y.
The result is

  1. the document resides in folder y - ok
  2. the replica entry in folder x is removed - not ok.

I’m unable to reproduce this problem except in this case: is “folder y” in a different database than “folder x”? If so, then the replicant in “folder x” will indeed disappear. Replicants exist within the same database and are destroyed when one instance is moved to another database. If you wish to move a replicant to another database, first make a duplicate (command-d) and then move that new copy (but not the replicant).

I have the problem within one database, not while moving a document to another.

Is it possible to upload screenshots to show the issue?