Bug which appears to cause data loss...

In DTPro 1.0 I created a sheet with about 20 records. I then noticed that I could create groups within the sheet, and drap and drog individual records from the sheet into these groups. This was a nice thing to be able to do, as it allowed me to use the nicely formatted and consistent single-record display style for a sheet of items organized into groups.

But, now I notice in DTPro 1.0.1, when I reopened that database (the database contains only the single sheet currently- it’s fairly new), all of the records that I placed into groups within the sheet appear as blank. The status line still asserts that the record contains a couple hundred bytes of data, so I’m hopeful that the data still exists somewhere, but it no longer displays anything for these records, either in the single-record display mode (which used to work fine in DTPro 1.0 for data organized this way) or the entire-sheet display mode (which didn’t display groups-within-sheets in entire-sheet format in DTPro 1.0 also, but that was ok since I could access the data in the single-record display mode, which was the best way to do it anyways).

I’m guessing that my make-groups-within-a-sheet technique is somewhat nonstandard, and something in the DTPro 1.0.1 update was incompatible with this means of data organization. Now the data is apparently lost to the UI. Help.

Just move the records from the groups back to the sheet or ungroup the groups. Then the contents should appear again.

DT Pro does not (yet) support hierarchical sheets. However, v1.0.2 will at least support records inside subgroups. If you’re interested in a beta, just let me know.

Thanks- that fixed things.

I was considering trying to ungroup the groups, but thought that since I should report it anyways, I’d ask for the expert opinion first before monkeying around. Now I am a happy monkey!

Thanks for offer of the 1.0.2 beta- this isn’t a time-critical issue for me, so I’m OK to wait until the official release. But if you want a beta tester, I’d be happy to help out.

Christian, could you explain what this means?
Maybe im missing something: I’m running V1.0.2 beta and am experimenting with hierarchies and sheets. This feature sounds like it might help.
In any case, creating groups inside a sheet certainly doesn’t work.
Perhaps it simply hasn’t been implemented yet?

I’d also like to hear where you’re headed with this hierarchical sheets idea, if possible. Sounds like a big step toward the Holy Grail: Outlining within DTPro!


(Later) Ah! I get it (I think)
To answer my own post (not a good sign)

means that a record that is moved, copied or replicated out of it’s sheet and into a group now displays properly; a much appreciated change.

To be honest - at the moment it’s only an idea but not targeted for any specific release.

And an EXCELLENT idea at that. I’ve been discovering the power of sheets/records recently and adapting them to my outlined writing/notetaking style.

Obviously hierarchy would be a huge step forward. Along with styled text/wikilinks in sheets this would allow for REAL outlining in DT and combined with the fact that DT (almost alone among MAC apps) already has clones/replicants this would make for an app that crowds of writers have been searching for since the demise of MORE.
A very marketable and profitable step IMHO.

Thanks and keep up the good work