Bug with new file creation in DTTG 3.5.4?

Hola, I think there is possibly a bug with file creation in DTTG version 3.5.4, has anyone else experienced problems? I’ve been having issues with DTTG for a couple of days, with it not responding to “button clicks”, and the sharesheet in Safari not sharing files like its meant to. However, after rootling around a bit and lots of hard closes, I’ve realised that DTTG works fine if you open it fresh and just interact with existing content, but if I create a new file, although the file is created I cannot then click on the “three dots” button to open the menu, to e.g. open info or move the file. If I click on the dots the button changes colour like it’s been pressed, but nothing happens. It stops working for ALL files at that point, and the only fix I’ve found is a hard close of the app. This happens if you click on the three dots from “inside” the file or if you tick the file in the file list and then click on the three dots in the bottom left hand corner.

I tested this issue by creating a markdown doc, and I can create the same problem by using the share sheet to save a PDF from Safari. If the pdf appears in the global inbox (it’s not consistent but I think may be part of the same problem), I can see it and open it, but can’t then click on the three dots in that or any other file until I’ve done a hard close.

I think therefore the bug is possibly related to file creation.

I’m hoping someone else has noticed a similar issue and can do a better description!

I’m not seeing an issue with 3.5.4 here.

  • What device is this on?

  • What operating system are you running?

iPad 15.6

It’s a Pro 11 inch, I think late 2019.

Ok I have done some more detective work, and there is an issue but it’s not the issue I thought!

The problem is that DTTG isn’t playing nicely with my VPN (Trust Zone). Now, my VPN has a bug/issue where it’s no longer showing the little VPN symbol in the top corner of iOS, so I don’t know when I’m connected. However, having had an issue with an app I know doesn’t work on VPN, I went to check and yup, the VPN is running without saying anything. It got me thinking about my issue with DTTG… so I tested it. If I turn the VPN off I don’t have the issues reported in this thread, and if I turn it back on the issues start again.

I’m not sure (I don’t know how these things work), but I think DTTG gets “stuck” when any file is created whilst on VPN - is it likely to be trying to sync at that point and getting jammed? (I’m on CloudKit.) With my non-existent tech knowledge that seems to make sense, as creating (or importing) a new file means it does need to be saved somewhere, and maybe that’s the bit that’s getting stuck when on VPN?

What is odd is that DTTG is still useable, I just can’t open the edit menu. So if I’ve created a new file, I can still navigate to other files, I just can’t make any changes.

This is all largely irrelevant to me as now I know the problem is my VPN I will disable it, but I assume this is unexpected behaviour and a failure to sync shouldn’t disable editing?

It is certainly unexpected.
Try disabling the sync location temporarily and see if the issue is reproducible.

Hi Jim, I’ve done that. If I slide the toggle to off for CloudKit, the little cloud in the bottom that shows syncing goes grey, and DTTG then works as expected. I can create a new file, and clicking the 3 dots opens the menu.

And interestingly if I then reconnect CloudKit without disabling the VPN, it continues to be fine :thinking: It uploads the changes I made while disconnected and let’s me create a new file and edit it.

But, if I hard close the app and open it again (still on VPN), the problem reappears. It would seem to be a VPN/CloudKit issue.

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It would seem to be the case. I seem to recall some issue with iCloud and NordVPN. What service are you using?