Bug? with search highlighting

DT3b4; I search for a term from the main window, and it shows me the document I want (and the search term is highlighted in the doc)
I double click, the doc opens in a window with the search term highlighted.
I now clear the search term in the open window, the term is still highlighted… Ok I figure I need to clear it in the main window search… So I clear it in the main window search, however the term is still highlighted…

So the bug appears to be the term isnt unhighlighted when I clear the search boxes… If in the open window I do a search for another term then the old one unhighlights and just the new term is highlighted…

Beta 5 should improve this.

The highlighting persists in beta 6. One has to deselect and then reselect the document.

Shouldn’t the highlighting be removed after clearing the search field, or in some sort of way other than by navigating away from the document?

Are you referring to cleaing the Search inspector or the toolbar search?

I was referring to the search inspector (right pane), though the behaviour is apparent with the toolbar search as well.

This bug seems to have reappeared in DT3

Do you use clear the toolbar search field or the search inspector?

The search inspector on the right, but as I mentioned above, you get the same with the toolbar search as well. This had gone away, at some point, I’m pretty sure, but it’s back again.

I just tried this in both main (after a toolbar search) and document windows (after a search via the inspector), in both cases clearing the search field removed the highlights. Please let us know whether the upcoming version 3.0.1 will fix this - thank you!

(gazes into crystal ball) Yes it will. Maybe. I hope. Thanks. :grin:

Why is it happening to me and not you? Are you using 3.0.1 ?

Are you using 3.0.1 ?

Of course. We have internal builds in use while we’re fixing bugs, etc.

It has - mostly. All highlighted terms are removed after clearing the search field - except the last one on the current page, which remains highlighted until you click on the page - then that is removed too.

i noticed also, that if you delete the search term from inside the document, if you click the next global searched devon item, your search crawls again to the document, but without any search term shown in the text search bar on inside the document. (looks buggy without a search term)

It’s probably the current selection.

What do you mean?

It’s no big deal, but shouldn’t it be removed along with the others?

It’s probably a text selection inside the PDF document. Just try Edit > Copy and paste the result in a text document. Or does this fail?

With the last highlighted word left, the copy command isn’t active (in the Edit menu), if that’s what you mean

Thanks. Then it’s indeed a glitch, maybe of the PDFkit. We’ll check this.

3.0.2 will fix this.