Bug with tags when renaming files

I’ve reproduced this several times both in my main and a test db.

  1. Select a file and note any tags associated with it.
  2. Edit the tags - add or remove some
  3. Rename the file and then recheck the tags associated. They have reverted to the original state.

If you rename the file first then the edits to the tags are recalled.

Where are you doing these modifications?
In the item list, the Info Inspector, the Info popup?

Not sure what the Info Pop Up is, but it occurs when renaming in both the Item List and the Information Sidebar (which I think is the Inspector.)

In Pictures, in the Inspector

Select the file:

Note it has no tags. So I add some:

Now I rename the file:

Hit return: where are the tags?

Edit: I guess you need to click on the images as they’re displaying short on the forum.

Yeah, that’s the Info Inspector. The Info popup is Tools > Get Info (Shift-Command-I).

Hmm… I’m not seeing an issue here yet.

I’m not seeing it in the pop-up either. But certainly in the other two

I can reproduce the problem if after adding a tag you immediately click on the “Name” field and change it.

Hmm… still not seeing it here.

I’ve captured a screen recording:

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maybe this is caused because the changes (new/removed tags) are not really applied to the file until you click to another file. This reminds me to my issue (already noted) where new Tags are removed (or better: keep blank because the test starts with a group without tags) when dragging files from the Finder to that new group while modifying the tags of that group.

Thanks for the screencast. It’s definitely not happening everywhere, but it’s good to have the visual.

This will be fixed by beta 2.


Currently using beta 2 and this issue persists.


Thanks for the follow-up. Still not seeing it here.

Does this affect other file types?

I’m seeing this with rtf, epub and pdf

Just sharing my experience - not sure whether it’s intended or glitches.
The inspector bar may show that new tag/s are added, but I need to hit “enter” in the tags section of the inspector bar to confirm saving all the newly added tags before switching to any other tasks (including changing the name in the same inspector bar), else the tags won’t be retained.

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Thanks for reporting this, beta 3 will fix it.