Buggy Text editing in DTTG 2.3.

During editing text (rich text) in DTTG (iOS 11) the editing mode quits frequently on its own so I need to reenter it. But now things got worse: DTTG crashes occasionally during text editing.

Select Help > Contact Us in DTTG2 to start a proper support Ticket. Thanks.


Just wanted to add a ‘me too’ and to enquire, before maybe raising an additional support ticket, as to whether this was a known problem for which a fix is being actively progressed?

I’ve also seen erratic behaviour when attempting to edit rich text documents where, seemingly at random, I’m taken out of edit mode. I believe I have also seen similar behaviour when editing ‘formatted notes’ and problems where, when a document’s text extends further than can be accommodated above the iOS keyboard, the cursor is suddenly repositioned at the end of the document, effectively scrolling downwards and losing me my edit position.

Are others seeing this?

DTTG 2.3, on iOS 11

This is a known issue and should be addressed in the next maintenance release. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The “unexpectedly end of edit mode issue” issue should be fixed in the next release.

As well as the aforementioned issues, I also have a ‘disappearing formatting’ problem.
I use a RTF document with bold headings to make notes during the working day.

I see my notes for the day (including bold and normal text). As soon as I click on any text to edit, all the bold vanishes leaving me with all normal text. The headings are still there, just no longer bold.

And do they reappear when you deselect and reselect the document?

No they don’t reappear, they are gone forever…