Bugs: iPhone App or DTOP Web Server Instability

I know it’s still brand new and in beta.

Just wanted to do a courtesy bug report. DTOP on Mac mini web server running latest OS X. iPhone running latest OS (not 3.0).

I’ve been using iPhone App often to create new notes on both Internet WAN and on Bonjour LAN. The web server crashes often. Pushing “Save” on new note does nothing, and the loading “spinner” keeps going.

Tends to happen on longer notes, with extended editing, or with multiple notes.

I can quit and restart DTOP with MobileMe Back to My Mac or directly on my Mac mini, then all is fine.

Still relying on the Notebooks iPhone paid app for now as backup. It’s a pain since there’s no real-time sync like with DTOP.


I also forgot to mention that my DTOP database is very small and light. Only 3.3 MB (including 1 archive backup). Mostly plain text files, with only a few rich text, HTML, and PDF files.

I do use Dropbox. I don’t know if this would affect the stability.

Restarting/rebooting the iPhone does not help.


Edit: Clarified some things.

Please send the crash logs to our support address, thank you!