Bugs: log


i found a few bugs in the Log window:

  1. sorting by column time only works in one direction (Ascending). While clicking on the header changes the arrow, the order remains the same.

  2. when the window is open and a new event occurs (e.g. auto-classify), the new event is not visible because the position of the scroll is not updated

  3. when the window is not open but ‘show automatically’ is toggled, the window pops up and the most relevant item (the last one) is again not shown.

  4. the header of column #2 says: “File/Action”. At least for auto-classify, the action is not shown in this column, only the location of the file plus the name of the file

Thanks for the bug report, the next maintenace release will fix this.

found another one:
selecting an item in the log window and pressing cmd+r does not reveal the item. right click and selecting “Reveal” does though.