"Building script menu" error

Hi. I bought Devon Agent Pro in Stacksocial and it seems to be locked in the “building script menu” message. The rest of the program is functional. The abbreviated search in menu bar, the options, including I have registered the license. But the main window does not appear. I use mac os Catalina. I thought DevonAgent was ready. I also have the latest DevonThink 3 beta active on the desktop.

Thank you.

No, DEVONagent has not been updated for Catalina.

Remeber: macOS 10.15 is a ​beta ​operating system. Unless you are explicitly beta testing and reporting, you should not run a beta operating system on a device you need operating as expected.

Catalina is going out in a few days. I can wait. Do you want me to report the bug with a test report?

Catalina is going out in a few days.

We hope not, as it’s certainly not ready yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Development will see this post and request opening a ticket, if needed. Thanks!

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The upcoming maintenance release will be ready for Catalina.