Bundle Pricing

Hey everyone,

With the new bundle pricing of DT and DA, is there any chance existing owners of DT will get the same price break?

Seems a bit unfair if no…

I’ve got to admit I logged into the forum with the same question. I paid $50 for DT back in February. It doesn’t seem fair that the early bird catches the worm, but pays a premium. . .

Basically the bundle DEVONagent+DEVONthink PE is cheaper than two single licenses because a bundle means less work and less fees. An upgrade option on the other hand would require even more work than two single licenses. Therefore we’re unfortunately not able to provide this option. But the upgrade DEVONthink PE to DEVONthink Pro will be just the price difference - there will be no handling fee in that case.

OTOH, a discount to early adopters is an acknowledgement that you appreciate your current customers.

You blew off my email weeks ago asking if there would be a bundle and now you screw me because I went ahead and paid for a single product. You’ll not be getting another penny from me. I don’t reward companies that view the customer as nothing more than a resource stream.

  1. Offering a bundle was a last minute decision.

  2. Basically we think that our pricing is quite fair. No upgrade fees for 18 months and we’ve seen a lot of other companies increasing prices or asking for upgrade fees in the same period. And now you have to pay for Mac OS X 10.3 the full price once again. No discount for early adopters? Yes, no discount. Same story whereever you’re gonna look…