buttons 'open external' won't work anymore

<did a quick check to find an answer in the forum - couldn’t find anything - please excuse if I’m wrong>

I got my developent-work in DT and used DT in a way as source control. Worked perfect.

I usually clicked once on a file, then presses the ‘@’ button to have it starting up

this won’t work anymore in 1.8.1. I have to right-click on the file-name and select ‘open external’ from the context menu, then it works but isn’t the way I like
I created the entry in DT as ‘link’. Tried to recreate the link, didn’t help


That’s a bug related to contents containg both URLs and paths pointing to local files and if the URL contains white or special characters. Will be fixed in version 1.8.1a (coming next week).

Will that also fix the problem with the ‘#’ character in named anchor links (e.g. example.org/page.html%anchor) when opened externally?

Yes, this bug has already been fixed over here.

I got 1.81a - but I still can’t open external files by clicking on the ‘@’ buttons


Similarly: I import a file from the Desktop into DT; then move that file to my Documents folder. DT can still "reveal in finder," but no longer "launch externally."

I realized, that I had to replace the linked files… now it works again