Hi all.
Assume it’s safe to delete cache from time to time, as from what I see it tends to get large. Mine already at 36 mb.

Not sure which cache you are referring to, but yes it’s a good idea to clean caches and swap files periodically.

Quitting DT Pro will release memory (if that’s in short supply), so that relaunching DT Pro will result in more free memory.

I recommend rebooting a computer at least every few days. That can help clear out any “cobwebs” that may creep in.

Periodically, it’s a good idea to run a utility such as OnyX or Coc*tail to do routine maintenance such as permissions repair and to clean out old caches and rotated log files.

I mean the cache in Home/Library/Caches/DEVONthink Pro.
Rest of comments, noted, tks.

Deleting the cache doesn’t cause any harm (the maximal size is 64 MB, by the way).

Could you please explain me what is the menu item under Devonthink pro office «Empty cache» and what really does? The Empty trashes works very well but when I click on the following menu item nothing happens. All the cache files are in their place and if I want to remove them I need another program.

This clears the WebKit cache but doesn’t necessarily remove files.