CalcService doesn't work anymore

I used to make some reports and simpler analysis in DTpro instead of for instance Excel using CalcService… Since a couple of weeks this isn’t possible anymore. If I want to make a simple calculation i get the rainbow wheel circulating and eventually … nothing at all happens. The numbers on the same spot, marked the same way. Now I don’t know when this happened. This summer I asked on the forum about CalcSevice and it’s malfunction with Mail. As far as I remember this is due to something in Mail. But at least here in the heart of “Devon-land” (i.e. Devon-think) I really would expect it to work.

Is this a bug? Is this familiar to anyone else? and if so will this nice tool start to work again?


Leif Mohlin :astonished:


CalcService is working for me in a DT Pro rich text window.

Good and bad news in other words. It works so I ought to be able ta make it work on my machine. But I haven’t a clue what to do in order to make it work. Any ideas anyone?


Does CalcService in any application? Otherwise installing CalcService again might fix the problem.