CalcService - Is it compatible with Lion?

Does CalcService 3.4 work ok in Lion or is there an update needed?

I’m especially concerned with the Calc & Append (command =) which is very handy and I use it all the time within many apps including TextEdit.

It’s compatible to Lion. For additional instructions, please have a look this thread:

Thanks :smiley:

Is it now working OK with MOUNTAIN Lion?

Calc service is working over here on 10.8.2

However, the service is unsigned and so Mountain Lion might refuse to use it if your “allow applications” Gatekeeper settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General are not set to the “anywhere” option. Since “anywhere” is not an Apple-recommended option, what you’ll need before using Calc service the first time on Mountain Lion is to navigate ~/Library/Services (where you’ll install the service package), double-click CalcService.service to force the “unknown developer” warning to appear, and in that warning message choose “Open”. This tells OS X that you accept the application as trusted. From that point on, the service works on Mountain Lion without further fuss.