Calendar/Alarm Function

Now that DT has become so much more useful as an all-purpose repository, I see the need for some kind of calendar/alarm function. For example, I just started using DT to manage my day-to-day “to do list” but realized there is no way to set a reminder for a given item.

I assume the easiest way to do this would be a link to iCal but while we are on this subject, I tried using a link from a DT2 item as a url in an iCal item but nothing happened when I clicked on it later. I then edited the link and found that it contained only text and won’t accept DT links as true URL’s…bug??

iCal doesn’t appear to like a ULR that is formatted as a hyperlink. If you copy an item’s link and past it in TextEdit (and many other applications), it will be a functioning hyperlink with the name of the item as contained in DTP. Paste the same link in the URL field of an iCal event and it does not work, as you discovered. Now if you copy the link and strip the hyperlink formatting with a utility such as Plain Clip, then paste it in the URL field of an iCal event, it will look something like this:


Now when you save the event, the link back to the item in DTP will work. I keep Plain Clip in my Dock just to handle such situations as this. Plain Clip is free and can be found here.

(You could also copy the link and paste it in a plain text window, then copy what you pasted)

I’ve actually suggested this before – a -like system that users could apply hooks to. For instance, every Tuesday at 8AM, back up the database to ________. Every five minutes, play “Roadhouse Blues” by the Doors. As with many of my suggestions, it has received some :open_mouth:'s (“You want to do WHAT???”) but no real interest :laughing:

And of course there are ways to do this – to use , to have an AppleScript that loops every x seconds, and so on… but hey, I’m just a self-appointed DEVONmuse, sent here by pure chance to make people’s lives living hell by offering mindnumbing ways of turning DTP into Microsoft Office :smiley:

Lucky for me I already have Plain Clip and set up on a QuickSilver trigger! Never thought about using it (smacks head!)

I still think there is a need for something that would open up a new iCal todo or appointment with the URL filled in. I a script could do it but I am not much of a scripter. I anybody wanted to take this on, I think there are some templates here: … index.html

that might save some time

Otherwise, if DT wants to sell itself as a PIM, among other things, there defintely needs to be some kind of Calendar/alarm function.

Actually, it is pretty darn easy to create a new iCal item with QuickSilver, but what would be REALLY nice would be a way to copy the DT URL and then have a QS trigger to construct the item.

Another vote for some way of tying DT2 items to some form of calendaring.