Calendar and DevonNote

greetings: i’m checking out PIM software and fortunately saw someone, somewhere refer to devnonthink (soho notes might have worked for me but it’s been trashed awfully by many of its users).

anyway, i’ve viewed most of the devonthink tutorials (excellent, by the way) but wanted to make clear that there’s no calendar function in either think nor note, correct? or does devonthink add something that enhances ical?

a suggestion: for us PIM novices, a video tutorial for devon note would better illustrate the differences between it and devonthink. after having gone through much of the devonthink videos, certainly i can see a lot of the differences; but had you had a devonnote video i would have viewed that one first.

thank you.

DEVONnote doesn’t interface with iCal. It’s primary purpose is to organize, search and analyze text notes. It also can store URLs of Web sites and provides an easy capture of selected text/images as rich text notes.

If Window > Keep Windows in Front is checked, DEVONnote’s window can “float” above all other applications, so that selected text/images can be capture from other application documents. When not needed, the DEVONnote window can be minimized into the Dock.

Unlike other notetaking applications, it provides artificial intelligence assistance to aid the user in classifying notes or in examining other notes that are contextually related.

Several DEVONnote users have reported that they have written books in DEVONnote.

One of the example DT Pro databases found at is an example To-Do management system based on GTD principles. Although DEVONnote cannot directly read that tutorial database, you can download it, unzip it, mount the disk image, copy the folder to your drive and turn it into an ordinary folder by renaming the file with the extension “.dtBase” removed. Then you can import the folder into DEVONnote if you wish to experiment with that organization for managing tasks.

Thank you, very much, Bill.