Calendar Event Template not working

I’m on DevonThink Pro Office. Discovering the wealth of scripts and templates. As said elsewhere, the embedded Calendar Event template doesn’t do anything on either my computers (under Sierra and El Capitan). Am I missing something?

Caution: this is the template under Contacts and Events, not a script.

BTW, going through this menu, I see that the Toolbar folder in Templates is empty. What is it meant to do?

The Toolbar group is used to add your own scripts or templates to the Toolbar. Do an Advanced Search in this forum for “toolbar script” and you’ll see some threads on this topic, with how-to instructions.

Thanks korm for your answer.

The Contacts & Events menu, under New from model, contains two options:
Business Card
Calendar Event

As mentionned, the second one doesn’t open anything. It probably means you have to generate your model here.

The first one, however, is also problematic. It does generate an RTF file, with a contact name. But it shows one contact, a bit at chance it seems. Some times it is my own contact file, sometimes another one I have used lately. How does this template work?

You must first select a contact (in the Contacts app) for the Business Card template to work, and likewise you must first select an event (in the Calendar app) for the Calendar Event script to work. Both scripts still have the legacy app names (Address Book and iCal), but the scripts do work with and in macOS Sierra.

It works for me for Contacts, but not for Calendar. If I select and even open an event in my calendar, going to Calendar Event in DTP won’t do anything. Perhaps this is because I don’t use Apple’s default calendars in the Calendar app, but custom-named calendars of my own?

I don’t use the default calendars either, and the script does work here, even on calendars that are not mine (calendars that are shared with me). You do have to copy the event first I didn’t mention that step, but the script should give you an error if there is no Calendar event on the clipboard.
Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 4.59.06 AM.png