Calendar integration and passwords in DT-webbrowser

Dear DT-team,

it would be awesome, if you could add following features in future versions of DT:

  1. calendar and reminders integration (viewing/editing, smart groups for events/reminders, …)

  2. integrated E-Mail-Client (only basic functionality)

  3. possibilty to save passwords for websites in DT-webbrowser

… thank you for this great software!!!

best regards

I actually came on here today to request this too. An integrated IMAP client to pull e-mail straight into my DT inbox, so I can file stuff as I read/reply to it. Mail rules are wonky, and you need plugins to handle sent mail.

Password managers have been requested for DA too and I think they are a must have. I don’t even know most of my passwords; they are 15 character strings of numbers/letters and unique for every website.

No offense, but this always strikes me as odd. Why not just use passwords that you can easily remember?

I have accounts right now on over 350 sites. On each of these, I need a password that:

  • Fits the arbitrary and conflicting password policies that sites have
  • Is different than my passwords on other sites, because periodically sites get hacked and passwords get exposed, and people immediately start trying them on other sites
  • Is both long and complex enough to avoid attacks on leaked hashes

I am not capable of remembering 350 different strong passwords, especially on sites that I may use a handful of times a year. Hence the password manager. It does make things a lot easier when something like the heart bleed bug is out, or the boxee hack, or the kickstarter hack, or the Sony hack, or the Adobe hack, or the…

This is exactly it. No offense taken, I used to use a three or four different passwords too and just memorized them. Then I had to start deviating, because different sites had different password requirements, or would require it be changed after x months, or because the site got hacked. Then I would eventually forget a password. I knew it was a matter of time before I got burned by forgetting or by a hacker.

Password managers make life easier and more secure. Especially the browser extensions. That’s not to say I don’t still have a couple strong passwords I remember (computer logins, password manager master password, e-mail, etc). But most of those have 2-factor authentication which gives me an extra layer of protection.

There have been many hacks in the news lately, and many of them I have not had to lose sleep over. Just change that one password (automatically with the password generator in my password manager). No worries anyone got into any other services using that password.