Is there any way to put a calendar in DTPO? Looking ahead, It would be a nice feature. But even if DTPO never goes in that direction, I would like to see the DTPO work area with a full month calendar in in it. I am not talking about filing in the calendar - save my first suggestion - if DTPO went that way. No, I am just talking about each month as a document so as I am working through things I can click and glance at what I think my time is oging ot be for a proejects steps. If It could put in my ical cal, so much the better.

As It is I can easily pull down my Fantasical men and see a calendar. I just wanted to have a larger one withing my DTPO work space. I can always print one in Word and save It each month. Any thoughts on this?


Got a phantom reply to this thread? Weird. Took a brief glance at comments yesterday on my iPhone that were since withdrawn. To clarify, I am not trying to make DTPO like OMNI anything. Not my point. I was just thinking It would be useful, for me, to see a calendar while I am working, in my work space, when I wanted to see It. Not for everyone, OK. One of DTPOs values is that not everyone uses It in the same way. I am very, make that extremely, visual. I get very lost very quickly when things are not visible.

This could be related to one other thing that I don’t think DTPO does but could be useful, launching an app. Opening a file will of course launch the app. When I put in MoneyDance I Had to dig to find It’s file. Would have been easier to just launch the app since It only uses one file.

The really big question here is, if DTPO is so good at showing files translated in It’s self, why can’t It also do this for a Calendar file? Maybe It can and I just don’t understand how yet? That is all I am asking here.

Here is a link to an article suggesting that some of what I want to do is possible, still wondering if a DTPO developer will be kind and weigh in here …

look here:


I don’t think you are going to find a lot of support for these two suggestions. DEVONthink is a document management app, not a calendar app or a app launcher.

DEVONthink uses QuickLook to display documents in its databases, and technically you could index your Finder folders containing the individual calendar .ics files. However, I expect that would be pointless as that doesn’t give you a page with all events for a date range.

That’s not the same as displaying a calendar page in DEVONthink. Have you looked at the DEVONthink Scripts menu, Reminders options? Multiple scripts there to link data in DEVONthink to your calendar, task manager, etc.

First I am very, very new to using DTPO so no, I have not looked at all the options. That is why I am asking this here, to get others ideas. I looked in the scripts menu and I saw “Feeds” with no mention if iCal, I saw “Import” with only a mention of iCal chat logs (whatever that is) so, no I am not seeing this as possible yet?

And second, I am not going to be any good at writing an applescript to fix something. I can tweak a script and will gladly use a script if one is provided but writing one is too much for this brain (it already leaks bad enough and might explode) :open_mouth:

The point in that article that caught my eye was that calendars in ical can be subscribed too. IF DTPO allows a link to a URL and there is a published iCal at that URL then, sounds feasible? And no, I don’t completely understand how iCal (Now Calendar) does that either. But I will mess about a bit and see if I can make It work.

Again, DTPO already allows events to be added to a calendar. I don’t understand the resistance about seeing a calendar view in DTPO? Perhaps It is more apparent to me because I am indexing rather than importing so I am trying to use DTPO for a tool of focus.

My opinion of course. And please, I know I am new and I hope I am coming across with humility here, I am simply asking how to make my own work flow better and I don’t mean at all to be coming across as disrespecting what DTPO in intend for. Just trying to use It in the best way I can for my own work flow.


I wonder if perhaps you posted a link to a different article? The link above is about adding DEVONthink links to contacts in BusyContacts.

By the way, the link function described in the article can be very useful, and one does not need BusyContacts to use this (it works with the URL field in The article describes its use to link to a specific group or document, but I use it to link to a tag or to a smart group in the database.

No, that was the article. I guess I made a leap when I realized that calendars can be subscribed to. I was thinking, perhaps I could tell DTPO to subscribe to a calendar? All I want is the calender to display in DTPO as a link and then only if I clicked on that link. Like reviewing any other piece of data in DTPO.

As far as the rest of the article goes I am still studying It.


OP, would the Tickler File set of scripts be helpful? I prefer my calendar to be held by Apple’s offering, but I have derived much value from having a date-based set of groups in a DT database so that I can be reminded of actionable files.

Not sure … But thanks for suggesting It. What I am looking for is really simple. I had a brain injury long ago that has affected how I organize. Today I am back in school and making great progress. But I still get easily overwhelmed by too much data all at once. I have to stay visually aware of things or they just get lost.

All I am asking for is to be able to click on a link in DTPO when I am already working on things and see a month view calendar. Better if It were an active calendar. By active I do not mean clickable. I mean viewable with current data - that’s all. When I do work with dates etc I pull down fantastical or I open iCal (Calender). For me, when I am focusing on doing work in DTPO It would be nice to be able to click on a Cal view just to check on what was visually on my calendar. For details, changes, additions, corrections I am fine with opening the Calendar app. All I am asking for is a visual representation of the calendar as a link viewable within DTPO.

To my simple thinking this would be no different than linking to any other file that is readable in DTPO. But, I could be wrong about that, that is is simple to implement.

It’s not simple. A month view calendar in Fantastical, Calendar, BusyCal, etc. is not a ‘file’ or ‘document’ that you can link to in DEVONthink, unless it is saved/printed to DEVONthink in a document form. Once you do that, it is no longer a dynamic (active) calendar.

What would this calendar display? Work? What work? I’m working on a contract and I click on a link in the contract and the calendar opens? Is this supposed to be something like OmniFocus’s Forecast view? Then why not use the provided scripts and/or OF’s quick entry box and schedule tasks for your DEVONthink documents? That’s why I do – and lots of others, judging from blogs and previous posts in the forum.

I read the OP yesterday and thought “huh?”, I posted a comment then withdrew it because I figured it’s just me and I’m too simple to understand the concept. Having reread the thread today I’m either simpler than yesterday, or the concept has become murkier. (With deference to the dialog above, I vote for me being simpler :frowning: )

If I want to see a calendar I hit control-option-space and Fantastical opens.

OK, thanks. Don’t Apple Calendars publish though? And doesn’t that mean I could publish a calendar on my Mac and tell DTPO to subscribe to It as a link? It’s been a while since I was creating web pages. I am pretty sure I can put a calendar in a web page and if that is true … (?). Again, I am just asking to understand, I could be wrong about that too. Thanks again.

And that is good, if that works for you and lots of others. I am only speaking for what I want. As I have already said, I have problems with organizing that are unique to my work flow. I wont defend that. I can only ask if what I want is possible, not that I am foolish for thinking in a different way and asking.]

You may be right, this is much ado about nothing. I didn’t think that Fantastical had a hot key, I can try that. This is me, still trying to understand the scope of DTPO. Thanks

Actually, for some time I have been lobbying for a calendar in DEVONthink. So much data has a temporal reference that I can see use for it. My usual example is the well-loved but sadly abandoned Journler.

How extensive and for what purpose that calendar could be is entirely up in the air.

It’s been a long time, but I don’t remember that Journler linked to calendar (iCal) data? It did have a calendar picker view to select dates for journal entries in the app (similar to what Day One has now), but not to external calendar data.

This is what Journler (2.6beta) does:

(Yes, it is still alive and it still works, even on Yosemite, but no guarantees.)

And this is what MacJournal does (click a date, docs for that date are listed in the sidebar — or press-hold the date an the entries for that date appear in a contextual popover menu)

… finally, DayOne (click a date, the entry opens)

This is the idea I was talking about. Used a BusyCal screenshot from their site but same as iCal, etc. Click on the link to open just as a web link opens Firefox or whatever, Word Doc opens Word, etc.
What Calendar Idea Looks Like 2.png

Presumably a calendar would show time-based items in the same way that a map shows location-based items. Only a few of my items are location based so I have little use for the mapping function in DTTG. In contrast, several of my databases are very much time-based, and a Calendar marking the days that have entries would be very useful. I found the MacJournal implementation to be very good.