Calssify on emails form Entourage?

I’m using latest Pro Office.
I’m importing from Entourage emails in the eml-Format.
That all works fine.
But: The classify drawer does not show up at eml.
That is a pitty as i use the classify a lot, but it seems like that a eml is not trated as a “normal document”.

Is there any reason for this?
Is there a workarounf for this?

Thanks for any help,

What’s the word count of the .eml file? Has been anything logged to the system console? The drawer should be available if the word count is not zero.

the word count is not shown.
Next to the email-address is just the lock-button, the preview-button and the tag-button.

Do I have to enable something so that it “reads” the email?

Thanks for any help…


Oh ,wait:

the devonthink protokoll says:
“Ein Analyseproblem ist aufgetreten: Postfach “Monthly Report” sollte eine Nachricht enthalten, entfält aber 0.”

So: “A analyse problem has occured. Message Box “Monthly Report” should contain of one message but contains: Zero”.

I’m importing emails via the scripts that ship with devon.
I’m not using the mailbox script (that throws anyway an error when you try it on one single message, which is correct) but I’m using the srcipt for messages. So why does DT think that it is a mailbox?

Thanks for any help,

Another additon to my problem:
The emails show a word count if I drag and drop them into the sorter or into a folder in the DT directly (but then I loose the email dates as creation dates…)

So this problem is related to the script that ships with Entrouage I guess.


The recommended way to import emails is via File > Import > Emails… or (in case of the Apple Mail) the menu commands provided by our plugin.

Anyway, could you send one or more .eml files imported via scripts to cgrunenberg - at And which script did you use? Thanks.

Christian, I have the same problem with eml in DTP - only the lock available. Also, I’m not using any scripts to import email into my DTP, just drag it from Mail into Sorter, where I have a folder for it.

DTP 2.3.2
OSX Lion 10.7.2

In the Log window I see “Unknown format” message. The emails are plaintext Crypto-Gram emails from Bruce Schneier mail list, so there is nothing fancy. I can send a sample, if you need.

Any ideas?