Can archived emails be opened in Mail?

Hi there,
I currently have DTP and I am considering upgrading to DTPO for email archiving. I am comparing it with Eagle Filer as an email archiver.

There are a couple of things I’ve not been able to achieve in the DTPO trial, and before I write it off, I’d like to check whether I’ve tried to go about these things in the right way.

{{RESOLVED}} 1) After archiving emails into DTPO it seems I can no longer open them in Mail, as an email, to then reply to them, forward them, etc., as emails. Is this a correct assessment? {{ END RESOLVED }}

  1. If I locate an email using DevonSphere Express, and open it via there, the resulting document can’t be manipulated. I can’t do anything with the text in the email (such as copy it). To get around this I have to first change the view mode to “Text Alternative”. Only then can I copy text from the email. I can change it over to “Best Alternative” from there, and copying text is still possible.
    Why is this?
    Fortunately, this is not the case when I directly find an email in DTPO and open it from there.

{{ RESOLVED - I figured out the answer to Q1}} My main concern is #1. In Eagle Filer, for example, I can tell it to open a message in Mail, and the whole email is then open in Mail with all its data, etc. I can then reply, forward, etc., just as if I had never taken the message out of Mail.
But with DTPO, if I click the Mailto: link in the archived message, no content is carried over, and basically I am looking at a new email to whoever the archived email was from. I could not find any other way to open the full message in Mail. {{END RESOLVED}}

Any clarification on the above {{ Q2 }} would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I resolved one part of this question (now marked above). :smiley:

But a couple more come to mind:

  1. Is it possible to have DT open archived emails in Mail by default (when double clicking on them)? Rather than the DT editor?

  2. I see a preference open to “Decrypt secure emails”. Can someone explain that to me? I find my encrypted emails only show as a message with the encrypted .asc attachment. I figured the only way to see the decrypted content was to view them in Mail again. But that preference (whilst I can’t tell what it’s doing when I select it) has me wondering.



Captured email messages are, by default, displayed via Quick Look, which doesn’t allow access to attachments. Click on the Alternative text button in the navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the message is displayed, to display as rich text. That allows access to images and attachments. Note that Preferences > Email provides the option to display messages as rich text, when checked.

You can open a selected message in Mail by pressing Shift-Command-O.

In Preferences > Email check the options “Download remote images in HTML messages” and “Decrypt secure messages” before capturing messages to DEVONthink.