can DEVONthink store files whose names start with a "."?

Is there any way to get DEVONthink to import or index files and folders whose names start with a period (ie. dotfiles/hidden files)?

In my testing so far it seems that DEVINthink always treats such files as if they did not exist. For example, if I index a folder which contains a dotfile, then that dotfile does not appear in DEVINthink. If I then delete the “.” from the start of the dotfile’s name, the file will automatically appear in DEVINthink (as if it had just been added to the folder). And if I then add the “.” back to the front of the name, the file again disappears (as if it had just been deleted).

It there any way around this?

(Awesome program BTW :slight_smile:)

Any file starting with a dot is considered hidden by macOS.

It is inadvisable to name files like this. In fact, the best practice is no punctuation except hyphens, underscores, and a single dot before the extension.

Thanks for the fast answer!

No problem.