Can DEVONthinks window stay in the background ...

It it possible to get DEVONthink to keep its window when some text is captured using services?

My typical problem is that I’m reading email, see something that I want to save, press the hotkey to save it to DT. Now DT moves its browser window so it’s on top of the currently active application obscuring the text I’m reading. To be able to continue reading I need to bring the current applications window to the front. This is a bit cumbersome, can this be avoided somehow?

Yes, it is possible. Have a look at the DEVONthink help: Tips & Tricks. Number 5 goes like this:

  1. If you are working regularly with services, it may be more comfortable to deactivate "Open browser at startup" in the preferences. This prevents DEVONthink from becoming the frontmost application every time you take a note or summarize a text.

This will open DEVONthink without a database window. You can take notes without DEVONthink coming to front. If you activate DEVONthink it will then open the database window and go into your way again (Bug?) unless you minimize its window to the dock.



Interesting, I would never have figured out that option would do that  ;D

But as you say, the behaviour is back as soon as a window is open. Perhaps time for another option.

Mac-OS X activates DEVONthink if there’s a window open. No way to disable this behaviour.

Using CodeTek Virtual Desktop allows DEVONthink, with windows open, to stay in the background when using "Take … Note" services from other apps.  See this post for more info.