Can DN display local html files


I’m new to DevonNote and very impressed, especially with the build in browser. I’ve been trying out different files in DN and just noticed that an html file dragged into the application will display code instead of the page as a browser would. This seemed strange since the application itself includes a webkit-based browser. After playing around with it for some time, I didn’t see any way to get the files to display properly.

I must be missing something.

Thanks in advance.


you can set this in the preferences: 2nd tab should be “Edit” in English, there you can choose to show HTML as code (3rd from top). If you uncheck it, it should be OK.

In the Format menu you can choose “page” or “source” as well.


Thanks for your prompt reply. Is this only available for registered copies? I don’t see the “show as code” selection under the Editing tab in preferences.

On another note, is it possible to do searches in non-roman languages. I tried without success. This is very important to me.

Thanks Maria.


I have to do a lot of searches in Japanese. It is only possible as “phrases”, you can check that in the special search window.

It works fine and makes DT a good tool for me although it seems that people only working in one language with Roman script are best served with the software.

As for showing HTML pages rendered: I use DT Pro, but I think it works in DT PE as well. I use the German localization, so my translation is possibly not correct. So just get through all Preferences to check, it should be possible.

Best, Maria

Thanks Maria. Actually, I seem to be the only one trying out DevonNote here. A search in Chinese did not work in DNote; guess I should try out DT, too. The HTML feature is also not available in DNote, as far as I can tell.

Again, it seems strange since DNote has a built in browser; it should be able to display html I would think.

With appreciation.

If you are selecting pages and dragging them into DN, there’s an easier way to get clean copy. Drag only the URL into DN; click on the icon to the left of the http address, and drag that icon into the DN window.

You should see an instant duplicate of the web site. Your new DN item will have the title of the Web page; if you want to change it, just click on item name and re-type.

Thanks for the tip. After using DT Pro, it may be hard to go back to DN. But if I do, it’s good to know this.