Can DT Pro reliably archive older email form Mac Mail?

I am just playing with DTPO for setting up an archive of my oldest email. What I’d like to do is pull it into DTPO and then use Mac Mail to archive the mail out of the active system. My initial testing hasn’t gone very well. I used the mail import option in DTPO and then selected a mail folder on my mac. It pulled things into DTPO, but the attachments don’t seem to be coming. Sometimes they aren’t there at all, and in one case the icons were there at the bottom of the mail, but they weren’t clickable. Is there a best practice for how to do this?

What kind of account (IMAP or POP3) do you use? Do the attachments appear after switching to the alternate view (see menu View or navigation bar)?

I’m doing a test with Apple Mail and archiving. Right now I’m just using the InBox which is IMAP. The emails come in fine. But is there a way to sort them by when they were received in Mail? I can find every other way but that. Also some attachments and remote images came in but not all. Is this normal?

Remote images are only loaded on demand depending on the preferences (see Preferences > Email > Download remote images in HTML messages) but attachments should be always archived.

What’s the advanced setting of your IMAP account in Apple Mail for “Keep copies of messages for offline viewing”? Is it “All messages, but omit attachments”?