Can DT work with email messages in Entourage?

I’m thinking about giving DT a test drive, but I’m looking for something that can search not only regular text files and PDFs but also my email messages in Entourage X.  I’ve little doubt that Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, stores this text in some wierd proprietary format so I want to check before moving forward.

Also, how does one buy the Professional Edition?  I click on the buy products link and i can only find the personal edition available.


The only way to import (or index) Entourage mails currently is to use the include "Import selected Entourage messages" script.

DEVONthink Pro on the other hand is not yet available, a public beta will be (hopefully) released this month.

thanks for the reply, Christian.   can you tell me how I do this?  I went through the various menu options and didn’t see any means of accessing any scripts.  Is that a library outside core DT functionality?

unrelated question:  is there a way to filter responses so certain types of search returns are not presented?  For example, i really have no need to have log files returned in my searches.  can i globally specify ‘dont’ show me those types of files’?

this is a very cool app.  i downloaded it and have started demoing it.  i look forward to giving it a whirl.


This script is part of the "Scripts & Macros" folder of the downloaded disk image (see ReadMe inside this folder).

The only possibilities currently are to turn certain file types of in the preferences (there will be more options in the upcoming version 1.9) or to remove those contents from the database. Version 1.9 will also provide the possibility to sort search results by kind or date.