Can DT3 index the zip files?

I have lots of log file with plain text, maybe hundreds of thousands. And some file size more than 200M. I compressed its every month.
Now I wish to manage them using DT3.
Sometimes I need to search the content inside the log file.
And the space of my computer can’t allow I decompress all files into DT3 database(It may cost more than 200G).
So, can DT3 index the file inside the zip files?
Or has any other method?

Welcome @james

Sorry but no, DEVONthink will not index content stored inside a compressed file.

Thanks for you reply.
Will the dt3 s database can be compress?
If i import the file, the database will very large without compress.

Regardless of the compression: I doubt that it makes much sense to store log files in DT. There are probably apps out there that target log file analysis.

No, DEVONthink’s databases are not made to be compressed.

DEVONthink actually doesn’t index very large text files (>256 MB) at all as this just bloats the index/concordance and as DEVONthink To Go can’t handle such files due to the restrictions of iOS anyway. DEVONthink is basically a document/information manager but not really an app for analyzing logs. In addition, hundreds of thousands of files and 200 GB of plain text definitely exceeds the recommended limits per database (200-300 thousand items, 200-300 million words).

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Thanks for your reply.
The text log file is the device operational logs.
Use for backtracking operation and device status at that moment.
It only 20-30 KB usually. But if device sometimes feedback data very large(for example device diagnosis).
I use sublime text or vs code search the string to find the data with my need.
Is this suitable for using DT to analyze and search?

DT is more about unstructured data, while logs are highly structured. So a specialized app or/and a relational database are better suited.

Why do you want to use a screwdriver to drive in a nail if there’s a hammer, too?

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