Can DTP2 sync with DTTG-3

Can DEVONthink Pro 2 sync with DEVONthink to Go 3?
In case it matters, I’m interested in bonjour sync.

I’m not aware of any change in the sync mechanism which would stop DTPO from syncing with DTTG3. The database format did not change between DTPO and DT3 either. DTPO can’t, however, sync via iCloud Kit of course (because DTPO simply doesn’t include iCloud Kit). I haven’t read of anybody actually doing what you are looking to do though - and I couldn’t find anything when I searched the forum.

Are you currently using DTTG2 or is this the first time you are installing DTTG?

May I ask why you have put off upgrading from DTPO to DT3?

I used DTTG2 for maybe about a week ~3 or 4 years ago.

Short Answer: My DT3 trial is expired but I came up with a couple ideas for addressing a problem via DT and DTTG. So, I’m dusting off DTP2 and hoping anything I come up with translates to DT3. (In case I need to invest in a different solution, I’ve got to hold off on the upgrade.)

Thanks for your reply and thanks for looking.
I guess I’m going to be the guinea pig. :crazy_face: …Backups!

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