Can I add a link to DTTG item to the home screen?

I’ve got a DTTG record that I want fast access to. I’d like to add it to my home screen, like a Safari bookmark. I don’t see any way to do that from within DTTG, and I haven’t been able to find anything about adding an arbitrary URL to the home screen. Is this possible?

Not from the share extension.

You could copy the link and create a bookmark on the home page with Workflow. But this is a very kludged solution and does not work smoothly.

Alternatively you could use the app LaunchCenterPro, to quick launch the Devonthink URL.

Note quite on your homescreen, but reasonably quick access.

This is a good solution and easy to set up with Launcher. If you include Launcher with your widgets than swipe right from the home screen and click the icon for the URL.

Okay so it looks like there are three apps being suggested to look at:

  • Workflow
  • Launch Center Pro
  • Launcher

I’ll take a look at them and see what the difference is…

@korm what is kludged / not smooth about Workflow for this use case? How are the other two better?

I’m not a Workflow expert, but the Workflow I cobbled from a couple of basic actions opened Safari, and then Workflow, and then Safari and then DEVONthink. Annoying.

Using Workflow, you could also use the action “Open X-Callback URL”.

The workflow would be:

  1. Text
    x-devonthink-item://… (copied from within Devonthink To Go)
  2. Open X-Callback URL

This your you could then export to your homescreen.

The process to open is then as follows

  1. Tapping the workflow-process item icon which:
    1a Opens Workflow
    1b Opens the file Devonthink To Go

When Using Launch Center Pro:
The process to open is then as follows:
1 Tap Launch Center Pro
2 Tap the action within Launch Center Pro, which
2a Opens the file in Devonthink To Go

So the workflow process results in 1 tap less, but 2 automated app switches

The Launch Center Pro results in 1 tap more, but 1 automated app switch (directly opening the Devonthink To Go app)

Cool! I will try workflow then. I am okay with two app switches… I want something on my home screen so it’s just a button press away :slight_smile:

I do exactly what Korm suggested with both Workflow and Launcher. There are three documents I access frequently and use a Workflow as a widget to give me a menu to choose from among the three documents. I use Launcher for quick access to different lists in 2Do (and others apps), and the pro package allows you to choose the size of the icons so you can find a balance between screen real estate and the tap target area.

The great thing about using your Workflows and Launchers as widgets is that they are a global swipe+tap away.