Can I change default rich text font of existing items en mas

The subject line is basically the question: I have a bunch of rich text items in a database, and I would like to change the default font in the preferences (already done) and then have all those rich text items change as well.

Changing the items to plain text and back to rich doesn’t (literally) work: The rich version is still the same font as the preference’s text setting. I used “literally” because I can change the text default to the same as rich default, and it would give the appearance of working.

Any ideas other than rich > text > rich?

The only other possibility would be to use AppleScript but that might require even more work. Some examples can be found in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Format.

However, if you’re changing the fonts quite often and don’t need additional styling/formatting, then you might consider switching to plain texts.