Can I change the format of documents created by pasting into a group?

When I have some text on the clipboard, and run paste (v), DEVONthink 3.8.1 creates a document with the clipboard text in it. Very useful! But the format is RTF. Is there a way to tell DEVONthink to create the document in another format, such as Markdown? (I searched the manual and this forum but couldn’t find info about whether that’s possible or how.)

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The format is automatically chosen depending on what’s available on the clipboard. The only possibilities would be to use a smart rule to convert the new item or of course to create an item of the desired format and paste on your own.

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The small, and quite useful, utility PopClip includes a facility to “Copy as Markdown”—which may be helpful.


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Thanks for the tip. I have Popclip. However, “Copy as markdown”, while useful for some things, doesn’t help with this situation: after you copy the text from its source and switch to DEVONthink, you first have to create a new document and then paste the result into it. By contrast, the operation I’m describing is pasting directly into a group – DEVONthink creates the document automatically and puts the content into it, all in one step. And so, the problem I’m facing is that the format in which DEVONthink creates this document is not under control of the user.

For a smart rule that converts freshly-created documents automatically when they’re created by pasting, is “On creation” the appropriate trigger condition?

Yes, that works.

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When you copy text from what source?

In what I was doing just this morning, I was copying text selected from a PDF file saved in DEVONthink itself (originally generated by Safari via its export-to-pdf menu option).

I understand now based on @cgrunenberg’s comment above that the source can influence the format that DEVONthink uses, so I assume that if I had copied from some other source, the results might have been different.