can I delete ~/Library/Caches/DEVONthink Pro/OCR/ ?

I’m using DT Pro Office 2.0.3 with OS 10.6.3

I wondered why my Library folder in my home directory is so big, and one of the reasons was a folder called
“/Users/myAccount/Library/Caches/DEVONthink Pro/OCR”
(nearly 1,8 GB in size).

As it is stored in “Caches”, I assume that it is safe to delete its contents, when DT Pro is closed.

Is that right, can I save that disk space?
What are the files in there for?

(I had a lot of crashes of the OCR engine, especially with big pdf files, is it possible that this directory contains temporary files of that failed imports?)

Kind regards


It’s safe to delete the folder and its contents while DEVONthink Pro Office isn’t running or (recommended) after restarting the computer.

The folder contains indeed temporary files. What’s the page count of the PDF files? Could you send us the crash logs (in case you haven’t already done this)? Thanks!

Hi Christian,

thank you for not only answering my question but also for showing interest in the reason for the malfunction of the software.

Some of those files are “empty” images with no text, so it’s ok for the OCR engine to give up.

The other ones are those with many pages and with 50 … 120 MB in size.
That seems to be a problem for the OCR engine.

I have sent you information about the pdf files and the available crash logs per E-Mail and am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards


Thanks for the information, I’ll check this next week.