Can I get more than 7 labels?

I have a template I’ve created for work which includes a column in which I want to insert the name of the Department to which the note belongs. There are 15 departments. Currently, the column I use is “Spotlight Comments” in which I enter the name of the department … then I have a Smart Group for each department whose search criterion is that comments include the name I entered in the Spotlights Comments field.

This would be a lot easier for me if I could use Labels instead, as I could could pre-name them for each department - but there are only 7 labels. Is there any way to get more labels?

There’s only 7 labels possible.

But … have you considered tags rather than Spotlight Comments? There’s a slight risk in Spotlight Comments in that they are controlled by OS X and Apple could, in theory, change something about Spotlight that would render your data useless. With tags you’ll have an almost limitless variety. But, for labels … it’s 7.

I did try tags, and while they work, the fact that the appear at the bottom of the screen, in the Tag Bar, makes them less satisfying to me than a Spotlight Comment which appears on the same line as the Item, and therefore reads more easily.

Labels would be nice as they’re “pre-written” and would be more like selecting a name from a drop-down list, as opposed to typing characters in each time.

But thanks for the quick reply and suggestion … and I take your point about how Spotlight Comments might someday change. Till then, different strokes …