Can I / how to select folder for webclips via search?!

hey DT + community,

I was searching the forums, documentation + interwebs – but surprinsingly nowhere find a solution for this: (how) can I chose the target folder for a webclipping via search?

– what I see is when the webclipper interface is presented is
a) a list icon on left which allows me to search for documents / folders in open DT dbs
b) a Safari icon to select location to safe webclippings to either 1) last used folders 2) favorites 3) folder hierarchies of open dbs

both is of course nice
– now, what I am looking for is the interface of both, i.e. I want to type a folder name (or partial string) into a search box AND then save the webcontent to the found / selected folders.

when saving a lot of webcontent searching your way through complex folder hierarchies ‘by hand / foot’ (or just be presented recently used folders + favorites) becomes very tedious.
I suppose I have overlooked an existing way to achieve this… but I couldn´t find it.

thx for hints + help!

Currently, there is no option to search for a specific location in the Clip to DEVONthink view of the Sorter. This may be a feature in a future release.

thanks for clarifying, John!

thanks also for adding my voice supporting / seconding any such consideration.

[btw: if you should work on the clipper UX, I´d also propose to allow for ENTER keystroke to confirm the sending to the DT-db; that would also make things more economic + convenient for keyboard peoples]

best! oliver

Did you already know Command-S saves the data?

OH! no.
that is good to know.

to my mind it´s not the intuitive one in the context of a pop-up sheet.
but of course it does it´s work as well!
– maybe you still consider the proposal for ENTER as addition (or maybe even as the more intuitive key in this context)

in any way, thx for pointing out!

You’re welcome and your suggestion is noted.

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