Can I import a Devonnote DB into DevonThink PE ???

Is there anyway to import an already huge Devonnote DB into Devonthink PE ?
I’ve been using Devonnote for a long while and just decided to upgrade to DevonThinkPE but not if I can’t carry forward my thousands of clippings, notes, URL ec etc from Devonnote.
There has to be a way but I don’t see one…

Help… Pretty please ?


Good news. DEVONtechnologies keeps to the principle that one should always be able to get one’s data back out of a database.

Even better news. You’ve doubtless invested time and effort in organizing your data. That investment won’t be lost in moving from DEVONnote to DEVONthink.


[1] Make sure you’re at the Top level of your database (to be certain you are going to export everything).

[2] Click in the left column of the Vertical Split view, then press Command-A to select everything.

[3] Switch to the Finder and create a new folder that’s going to contain your exported data. Example: “DEVONnote data” on your desktop.

[4] Switch back to DEVONnote, go to the menubar and select File > Export. Then select the folder you created as the destination of the exported files. Everything in DEVONnote will be exported.

IN DEVONthink:

[5] Launch DEVONthink. Go to the menubar and select File > Import > Files & Folders. Then select the folder that contains your DEVONnote data. That’s it!

You will probably want to delete some of the material, such as the overview of DEVONnote. Instead, you may wish to incorporate the DEVONthink Help files into your DT database by going to the menubar and selecting Help > Import Help. (Sorry, some of the information in Help is outdated.) The DEVONtechnologies user forum can be useful for tips and tricks and general information to help you use DEVONthink.

Now you can explore the additional features of DEVONthink, which give you increased ability to explore and use the information in your database.

Hope this helps.