can I import a single email msg to DT Personal?

I’ve got DEVONthink Personal, and I use Apple’s mail program.

I don’t want to archive all of my email in DT, which is one reason I didn’t feel that I needed to Pro version.

However, I occasionally have an individual emails that I would like to archive in DEVONthink because they contain important reference material.

I suppose I could copy and paste the text of an email into DT, but that seems clunky. However, I haven’t found any other way to bring a single message from Apple Mail over to DT.

Any ideas?

DEVONthink Personal does not support emails.

In Mail, print the email to PDF. Then, import the PDF into DT Personal.

Yes, that’s one way, though note that you will lose the metadata that describes that email message: e.g., from, to, subject fields. But, this is expected since this isn’t the Pro Office version.

[I’m glad I got the Pro Office version. When I bought it, I wasn’t thinking of archiving email either, but now I am archiving emails related to a writing project that I am started.]