Can I import a site for offline viewing?

I’ve got DTPO but I’m not sure if it can do this.

Our company hired a marketing consultant to do some customized teaching for us on social media marketing. She did a great series of 8 different ‘classes’. Each class we’d call in and she’d essentially create a movie file of her desktop that we could see as she’d either play a powerpoint file for us or show herself using some of the tools we’d be discussing. She was initially using a cumbersome site/format called iLinc, but because so many people had trouble accessing it she put the movie files into Acrobat format. I’d requested a simple .mov format so we could just download them for offline storage, but that didn’t happen.

So now I’m concerned that as soon as that page goes away, we’ll lose access to this information. I’d like to archive it so I can watch it whenever, whether tomorrow or 5 years from now. On the one page she created for our company it has for each lesson the movie file, the powerpoint file, the Word document with our homework and notes and other miscellaneous data. I’d love to just enter that URL and then have the app capture all of it so I could just view that page whether that page was still active or not.

I see a menu item called “File/Import Site” but when I tried using that, it only downloaded less than 300k worth of data and I don’t even know what it did with that. I’m guessing the page I want to capture probably has close to 500 meg of data, so I know this option didn’t get what I want to get.

I tried just capturing a web archive of the page, but it won’t play the movie files unless I’m connected to the internet so that didn’t work, either.

Any ideas?

Look the menue Windows. There you will find the “Download Manager”.

Open it. Press “+” copy the URL of the website into the field, then enter. Then press the “arrow”. Then it should start downloading the site.

I´m not so familiar with downloading websites, but possibly you have to specify the options. For this press the button in the right corner, perhaps you have to click “all subxxx” (sorry I have the german version).

Or look at “Options” where you can choose different things.

Hope that helps.

Or, better, look at the second menue (in german it’s Ablage), there you will find “import website”. That opens the download manager".

well, I get the download manager when I do what I described above, go to File/Import Site.

I enter the URL, click OK, and then see nothing happen. And now when I try, I enter the URL, click OK and it just gives me an error beep.


As I recall, the option to download a site into the database isn’t yet operational in public beta 7.

Instead, set Download Manager to save the downloaded content to a new folder in the Finder.

Then Index (File > Index) the downloaded content into a database.

Bill, I’m not sure what you’re advising me here. In one sentence you say you believe the functionality is not yet operational, and then you give me advice on steps to take. Is this just a work around that would lead to the same result of having a downloaded site?

Choose File > Import Site. Enter the URL, then your settings. (See user documentation if necessary).

When the queue has finished, look in your Downloads folder (in your user directory). Find and double-click on the Index file to check what’s there.

If you Index capture the folder containing your site download, it will be available in your DT database.

In DT 1.x the site download could be made directly to a database. That’s not (currently) the case in DT 2.0. The download is made to the Finder, then can be Indexed to a database.

At the moment I’m doing a complete subdirectory download of Eric’s Blog. It will take a while. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not sure what the file import site function is doing, but from my end, the answer is not much. I specify basically to grab everything, including multi media files, office files, PDFs, whatever. There’s over 100 meg of files at the site I’m trying to capture and it gets less than 100k. Doesn’t look like DTPO can just go capture a website including all linked files.

I tried using SiteSucker and DeepVacuum. Both got most of the files but the main thing I’m after are movies in adobe acrobat format and neither got those. I tested by trying to launch the site with airport turned off. Everything was available except for those.

But at least they got most of the files. DTPO got essentially nothing except a few style sheets.