can I import screen shots into DT?

Hi -
I would like to import screen shots into DT.
I want a record of all my Network settings, etc…
Is there a way to take snapshots of each Network window (with all the pertinent info I want a record of), and then drag these snaps into DT so I can see everything, rather than as a PDF file?
Thanks for any advice,

Use the free SnapNDrag from Yellow Mug Software.
It can take a picture of the window, then just drag the image from the SnapNDrag window into DT – it’s very easy and something I’ve already been doing.

Thanks so much for the tip! I’ll download and try it tonight.

I use the Grab application found in the Utilities folder. It saves screen images as Tiff files. These instructions are from the Grab Help File.

Open Grab (located in Applications/Utilities).
Choose Capture > Screen.
When the Screen Grab dialog opens, click outside that window.

Grab captures the screen within a few seconds. A new window appears with an image of your entire screen.

I just save the image onto the Desktop and then drag it into DT.

Thanks for the tips, everyone. SnapNDrag does indeed work nicely. I’ll also try the Grab feature, out of curiosity. But I like the fact that SnapNDrag allows me to crop just what I want. And it’s free, which is nice.

Command (apple) shift 4 puts a cursor on the screen that allows you to crop any portion of the screen you want. Locate it where you want, press the mouse button and drag to where you want the selection to end, release the mouse button. Voila, picture on the desktop.


Yes, SnapNDrag just adds a user interface for the built-in OS functions, along with some other nice features that allow you to take timed shots, name, resize, format, and then drag your screenshots – and being able to drag them directly into DT is a nice feature that saves at least one extra step when importing into DT. I find it saves me time from using the key commands and then having to find the file on the desktop… If you take screenshots it’s worth a look…

I don’t use a lot of screenshots but it sounds cool and I’ll check it out. The price is good. Thanks!