Can I manually tell DEVONthink that files are related

Imported a Email which has some text and 3 images one of which I converted to PDF+Text.

Now I want to tell DEVONthink (office pro) that the images are related to the Email

BTW: is there a trick to import a Email including its attachements, maybe automating all this because then it would know they are related

That’s not possible.

DEVONthink Pro Office archives the raw, unmodified source of emails including the attachments, you can access them using the alternate view (see View menu or Preferences > Email). Another possibility is to use scripts (see e.g. script menu extra while Apple Mail is active).

Excuse the ignorance - but assuming the pdf you converted is a separate file - and you want to link that back to an email (that’s also a separate file in DTPO) - why not use a wikilink? Or am I missing something?

Can you select the related files and use Data > Create Table of Contents – this will make a new RTF file that lists all the “related” files with links that will open them.

@Cassady, this might be what you’re thinking of … but …

AFAIK, “wikilinks” (that is, DEVONthink’s rendition of “wikilinks”) don’t work in PDF annotations. And email files cannot be edited in DEVONthink; and the link wouldn’t work there either, even if you can.

Ah - thanks korm - that’s what I missed, never realized the emails files are not actionable in that manner, having never used that feature myself (yet!).

Another way to associate an email message to attachments that have been also been captured to a database could be linking via an intermediate file.

Scenario: An email message contains two attachments, which have been opened and saved into the DEVONthink Pro Office database. To associate the attachments to the message that contained them, select the message and create an Annotation note, which will be linked both to and from the message. In the Annotation note, enter text indicating that the following links are to attachments. Then paste the Item Links of the two attachments into the Annotation note.

Now, when the message is selected, if it has an Annotation note the clickable link to that note will be displayed in the navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the message is displayed. The note will link to the message’s attachment(s).

So: I could now select a message and see a link to its Annotation note, which could then be Control-clicked to open it in a new tab. In turn, the links to attachments could be opened in new tabs. Now, in context, the message and its attachments are viewable.

A document Name convention might be used to indicate notes that contain links to attachments, and allow searching for them. Add Attachment to the Name of the Annotation note (which already includes the term, Annotation). Then perform a Name search for annotation AND attachment. Or perhaps more precisely, a Name search for the phrase “annotation attachment”.

I’ll leave to others assessment of the possibilities for automation (at least to some degree) of such an approach to association of email messages to their attachments. :slight_smile:

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I tried this but it doesn’t help showing the documents as related, e.g. when I look for related documents for one of the images in the mail neither the table of contents nor the rest of the mail parts show up.

Do I understand it right that this gives me unidirectional relatedness: if I find the base Email I can find the attachements, but if I e.g. find a attached PDF first there is no easy way to get back to the Email

One approach I also tried is Data -> Merge which makes one RTF document from all the parts. This at least works for Mails with images however it looks a bit messy since the images and the mail are in arbitrary order and embedding location is lost. Probably also mail metadata is munched into the text then.