Can I mark my place in a sorted group?

Hi, all.
I’m hoping this is an easy question.

I’ve created a group with several hundred files that I’ve sorted into a particular order using tags. I’m now reading through those files in that order. The challenge is that if I exit the group, I lose my place in the list of files. Is there any way to mark where I am so that whenever I return, I can easily find the file I’m using?


There is nothing built-in, but you could easily add a label color to visually distinguish it. Also, I would be inclined to just use File > New Window (or Option-Command-N) to open a new window and leave this one as is.

Thanks! The color idea is a good one. Since it’s going to take me a few months to read through the group’s contents, keeping the window open isn’t going to be practical.

Don’t forget you could create a Workspace (see Go > Workspaces > Add…) with the window open to be able to recall it later. This will include all open windows and databases, so be judicious in how you set it up, but it’s an oft-overlooked option.

I tend to use a flag to mark whatever it is I’m working on (I don’t know what else a flag is for, really) or I add the tag “qq” to the file. If it’s a long pdf, I might even add a note with “qq” in it to the margin of the pdf. Depending on the language, you might need to find another combination of letters that doesn’t normally appear in a word.

I didn’t see it mentioned at all but there is also the read/unread state of documents – cmd-k.