Can I move my database to a thumb drive?

I just got a killer deal on a 1G SanDisk Cruzer thumb drive. (In case you are wondering, it was $21 Canadian for a 1G U3 version. Woot!)
I’d like to move my DTPro database to the Cruzer so I can access it on other computers that have DT installed when I am out visiting folks who also use DevonThink.
I don’t want to backup the database per se, I want to move it and use it. Can I just drag it from the iMac folder where it lives now to the Cruzer icon? Will all the info come with it? (Edited to add: I only use import to get data into the database, I never index.)
I searched the tutorials and the forums but did not find an answer to this; so if I’ve missed it I apologize.
Mrs. R.
Nova Scotia

You should be able to do that with a small DT Pro database.

Performance is likely to be slower than running on a fast FireWire drive (which I sometimes do when I’m visiting colleagues who have DT Pro installed on their computers).

Remember, too, that a flash memory drive ‘wears out’ somewhat faster than does a hard drive when many write operations are performed. So keep a backup of the database elsewhere.

Remember also to leave a fair amount of free space available on the flash drive if you are going to add content. In use, the database may tend to ‘spread out’ a bit, requiring more storage space.

Bill, thank you for answering my question. This sounds like good advice to me and I will follow it.
Mrs. R.