can I open notes in separate tabs?

I’m new to DTP 2. I’d like to be able to view notes in separate tabs. If I highlight a note and choose “Open in Tabs…”, nothing happens.

Am I misunderstanding something?

Look in the Tabs bar. Was a new tab created? If so, click on it. There’s your opened note.

In Preferences > General - Interface, is ‘Enable tabbed browsing’ checked?

Yes. So I should be able to select a note and choose Data > Open in Tabs and have the note opened in a new tab? I’m in 3-pane view, by the way.

To Open in Tabs there must be two or more documents (notes) selected. There is no change when only one document is selected.

Thanks, but this doesn’t work like the paradigmatic OS X tabbed app, namely Safari. After I’ve opened two notes in tabs, if I choose another and choose “open in tabs,” nothing happens – yet I’d expect it to be opened in a third tab. I see that I can add tabs, but shouldn’t adding tabs be an operation linked to opening a note?

You’re right. It’s messy.

There is an undocumented (afaik) trick to get a document into a tab. On the tab bar click the plus ("+") sign to create a blank tab. Don’t click on that tab. Drag a document over the tab and hover there for a while. Let go of the document. The newly added tab will go blank, and then (in about 80% of the cases) the new document will appear in that tab.

Completely unintuitive, non-Mac like, etc. But it works, until DT makes the needed enhancement you proposed.