Can I put specific scripts into toolbar?

I’m using DT as a Zettelkasten with markdown files. I found a script here in the forum that I made do in my case, providing me with a markdown ready link to a Zettel. Right now, I have to click on Scripts in my toolbar and then on the specific script I need.

I’d love to put this specific script itself into my toolbar, so I just need to click once. Is this possible?

The “how” is described thoroughly in the documentation delivered with DT. You might want to try looking for “Toolbar”.

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Hi Gregor

Place the script into the toolbar folder which you can find in the menu Skript open script folder.

After that restart DT. Then right mouse key on the toolbar and drag and drop it there.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the explicit walkthrough. Now it works like I wanted.

Glad it works

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