Can I save a "view" in DTPO for later access

I normally open a DTPO database with the 3 column view and sidebar open. That’s pretty much the way I’ve always used it. In an effort to try and get more efficient, I’m now trying to leave certain “views” open and it would be great if I could easily go back to them via a shortcut or something.

For example, I have a “notes” RTF file in each of my project files that I use to journal project activity. There are about 10 projects that are priority and active at a time, so I created an “active projects” group and it contains replicas for each of the notes files from my project groups. I pulled this off as a separate window and collapsed the sidebar, and switched to 2 column mode so I just have one column on the left with the list of project notes files, and a right window with the actual file. So I’d love to be able to just retrieve that “view” or layout easily because its something I’d want open all the time for quick access.

Since my normal mode of interacting with DTPO is with the 3 column view plus sidebar, it would require steps to set this back up after every reboot. Anyway to do this? Maybe create a button on the tool bar to retrieve this view?

See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12628

I have this question but Christian’s link to another topic is no longer active.

In DTPO2 I use columns all the time (name/created/kind/from/to). The Inbox serves to create a chronology of all events while I replicate items from the Inbox for specific categories. I want to preserve the column classifications in each of the databases I currently maintain and have open at any one time (about 80,0000 items).

In looking gat DTP3, the column names are disappearing and do not seem to be able to be set as a default.

I definitely can’t remember the destination of this link :slight_smile: but the first feature coming to my mind would be to use workspaces (see Go menu).