Can I set default PDF open action to Skim ?

I only open my PDFs in DT when I want to use the AI stuff. All my “reading” mode and annotation is done in Skim. So I’d like to open by default in Skim. Is this possible?

It should be possible by making Skim the default viewer for PDF documents on your system.

I have set Skim as my osx default, but the Cmd-O or double click “Open” in DT still opens it in DT. Skim appears at the top of the list 2 menu levels removed (Open With …).

Just use Cmd-Shift-O, the “Open Externally” toolbar item or the submenu Data > Open With > …

Thank you very much!

btw, I noticed the keyboard shortcut is indicated via the main menu-bar, but not via the right-click pop-up menu (which is why I missed it).