Can I set up pre-focused database?

I have a use case that I hope already has a solution.

I have a set of files with a certain file extension (pxp in this case). I have a Search/Smart group at the Finder level to display all such files within my Documents folder.

I want to use DevonThink to index that Search/Smart group. Alternatively, I want to create a database that indexes my Documents folder but that contains only those files with the file extension of interest (pxp).

I don’t see that either option above is possible.

Is the only option here to index my Documents folder entirely and then create a Smart group in DevonThink to extract the files of interest?

Background: I am generally inclined to prefer setting up an infinite number of light-weight, pre-focused databases rather than throwing together one (monster) database, even when the latter approach is later amenable to infinite parsing compared to the former approach. Also, I have a number of text-only files in my Documents folder. I read that indexing stores those contents (as opposed to others). I heard the trumpet call of database bloat rising in the background as I read this.


No you can’t index just specific file types and indexing a smart folder is also not supported.

OK. Would that this were not the case.