can I sort just SOME categories by name (keep others unsrtd)

(I’m posting this here now; I don’t know where it posted a moment ago)
I’d like to sort just some categories alphabetically (by name), but keep other categories unsorted, so I can keep my most used subject on top…
When I carefully select just the one category I want to sort by name, and highlight just its entries, and choose ‘sort by name’ fromt the View menu above, DT sorts everything…
Is there not a way to sort just certain selected categories by name?

The only view supporting this at the moment is the 3-pane view but others will follow.

Thank you crunenberg. When is DT version 2 slated for release, by the way?

Well, I’ve announced so many stuff/dates in the past that it’s better to keep my mouth shut now :wink:

Since so many people ask about it, why don’t you start a read-only thread where you put in a post the features you plan to implement, in a post the features you don’t plan to implement, and in another one the features already implemented?
With maybe an estimate of the date, clearly labeled as estimate.