can I "spin off" part of one database to another?

I’ve been happily using DTPro for several years now, with one fairly large comprehensive database. I may want to share some of the material in it, but don’t want to share everything.

Can I move / export / or otherwise transfer SOME of the contents of one database to another in any straightforward way?

I’ve searched through the archives and haven’t been able to find anything that covers this issue. The only way I’ve been able to come up with is to duplicate the original database and then start deleting the (large amount) of material I don’t want to be in it. Is there a better way?


First, create a new, empty folder in the Finder that’s to receive exported items from one of your databases.

In your database, select the groups that you wish to spin off to another database. Choose File > Export > Files & Folders and select the receiving folder. After export is complete, you may delete the groups that were exported.

In a new or different database, select File > Import > Files & Folders. Choose the receiving folder and select all of its contents for import.

…that was easy…

But it wasn’t easy to find an answer by poking around in the user guide or by a variety of searches in the forums…

Anyway, thanks again,