Can I sync a database between Pro and Personal (on 2 iMacs)?

I hope you folks can help me! I want to sync DevonThink on two iMacs (home and work). Do I need to purchase two individual licenses, or does one license cover two iMacs at different locations as long as I’m the sole user?

Next, if I have a DevonThink Personal license on one machine and a DevonThink Pro license on the other machine, can I still sync the same database between them? Or does it have to be the same version of DevonThink on each iMac? (Personal or Pro)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You cannot Sync the Global Inbox of Personal with the Global Inbox of Pro. If you Sync to a Sync location you will see the Personal database as DEVONthink 2. You could import this database into Pro to Sync. Ideally the apps would match though.

The license extends to both machines for the same edition and yes, as long as you’re the sole User.

Fantastic information! Thanks so much for the quick reply!

So I’ll make sure both machines are running DevonThink Pro, and sync them via Dropbox.
Along with DevonThink To Go for iOS, which is absolutely awesome, by the way!

Please keep up the great work!

You’re welcome and thanks for the kind words of support and encouragement.

And because I’ve seen too much heartache from it, I will issue my warning (just in case): You should never put your databases in any cloud-synced folder (including the Documents or Desktop folders if you are using the disk management feature in macOS 10.12 Sierra). ​Never. If you have, you ​must ​relocate them immediately or you could irreparably damage them. The safest location is a folder in your Home Directory, like ​~/Databases​. If you have them in an unsafe location, quit DEVONthink and move your databases to a new folder in your Home directory.

Also, with a Dropbox Sync, you shouldn’t have any Sync data in the Dropbox/Apps folderon your local machine . In the Dropbox application’s Preferences > Account > Selective Sync, make sure you uncheck the Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync folder