Can I sync on 2 sites: dropbox and iCloud?

I sync on dropbox but would prefer iCloud on my phone for security reasons. (don’t want dropbox on my phone) thanks in advance for your time and help

This has already been discussed at length in the forum.


But I don’t think it’t implicitly covered in the manual :smiley:

@rufus123 see this link for example; the search term I used was “multiple sync store” - it turned up the answer to your question without delay :wink:

I’d caution you to activate one sync after another, waiting with the next one until the first has finished doing its magic, which could actually take days in the worst case. You risk getting into a situation where it is no longer clear what has failed otherwise - and fail it can (certainly if you take failure to mean “it didn’t finish in five minutes”) - there are numerous examples to be found in the forum.

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Don’t you think that if two sites were not allowed that the user interface would prevent it? What happened when you tried?


I will look it up. thank you

OK. I will follow you suggestions. thank you

I was concerned about messing up my database and did not try before consulting the forum

Didn’t answer my question. Don’t you think that if the application didn’t allow 2 (or more sites) the user interface would prevent it?

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